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When it comes to the power of a phone literally anything can impact whether it will function correctly or not. Our technicians have a selection of equipment and years of experience that can very quickly narrow down the most likely cause and allow us to provide you with a quote on the spot.

Phone won't power on

Typical causes of devices not powering on:

We can fix phones that don't power on

What to do to increase your chances of a successful repair:

  1. Leave the phone off
  2. Avoid plugging it into chargers as a short circuit could fry your internal board
  3. Tell our technician whether the phone has been previously repaired, been in contact with liquid, dropped or has any potential software issues
  4. Avoid any further damage and let the experts at Fone King diagnose the exact fault for you

Try a soft reset by holding these buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds:

Soft reset your phone

Download Guide to No Power (PDF)



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