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Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to an organised space!

The 6-pack 270mm Cord Organiser Holders are perfect for phone chargers, USB cables, network cables, and kitchen appliance power cords. Whether you need them for your bedroom, office, kitchen, or car, these organisers keep your environment tidy and cables easily accessible. The premium acrylic adhesive tape, tested under extreme conditions, ensures a long-lasting hold without leaving any residue or causing damage upon removal.

Designed to hold most desktop cables under 7mm in diameter, our organisers are versatile enough for any setting—desks, side tables, under tables, and more. Installation is a breeze: simply clean the surface, remove the protective film, attach the organiser, and press firmly for 30 seconds. For optimal adhesion, allow 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. With reusable 3M stickers included in every pack, our sleek organisers keep your space neat and your cables within reach.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our durable, versatile, and hassle-free cable management solution. Order your pack today and transform your environment into a clutter-free haven.

Available in two sleek colours, black and white.

Each pack includes six organisers and reusable 3M stickers with extras, allowing you to affix them to any surface and reposition them as needed.

Shop the 270x Range

Shop the 270x Range