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AMY TAYLOR Leather & Chain Hand Strap

AMY TAYLOR Leather & Chain Hand Strap

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Introducing the Amy Taylor Leather and Chain Hand Strap – a fusion of timeless elegance and edgy allure. This exceptional accessory seamlessly blends the luxurious feel of premium leather with the bold statement of interwoven chains. The strap exudes sophistication and contemporary flair, offering a versatile companion for various styles and activities with its adjustable length. Elevate your everyday look, keep essentials close, and make a fashion-forward statement with the Amy Taylor Leather and Chain Hand Strap – where classic and contemporary effortlessly harmonize.

What's in the box? 

Each Amy Taylor piece comes with 2 strap cards; one black and one gold or silver; to work perfectly with any outfit. 

How do I look after my piece? 

  • While our phone straps are waterproof, we advise against prolonged exposure to chlorine in swimming pools or minerals present in the water.
  • Adult use only. Keep away from infants and children.
  • For safety reasons, we recommend removing the strap before charging.
  • Keep a close watch on your phone while it's rocking the strap; steer clear of extreme, high-impact sports—it's not the phone's idea of a good time.

Is my phone compatible? 

The Fone King x Amy Taylor Collection is compatible with any phone case that has an opening at the bottom. Hard cases preferable. 

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