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Experience the next level of audio clarity with our RAW AUDIO Power Pulse Sport Earphones featuring the latest 5.0 Bluetooth version for a stable connection up to 10 meters. Equipped with a robust 120mAh polymer lithium battery, enjoy extended usage – a mere 1-2 hours of charging delivers an impressive 6 days on standby and over 6 hours of continuous talk time.

Crafted for active lifestyles, these headphones boast ordinary waterproof and sweatproof capabilities, ensuring durability during intense workouts without succumbing to moisture damage.

Enjoy crystal-clear communication at all times, thanks to advanced noise reduction technology and a specialized wind noise cavity design. This feature maintains superior call quality while effectively minimizing ambient noise, perfect for outdoor activities like running.

Take control with the dedicated mobile app offering multifunctional capabilities such as management tools for tracking, ranging, calorie consumption, motion trajectory, historical data, and even heart rate monitoring.